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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Groundhog Day?

Y'all remember this movie, right?  Where the dude get stuck reliving the same day, over and over...until he finally learns some important lesson, or gets eaten by the groundhog, or something.  (I didn't actually finish the movie.  I'm one of the rare birds that finds Bill Murray completely unfunny.)  I feel like I'm starring in some demented remake of this movie.  

You see, Psycho came back again today.  The cops had to be called again...making this the third time they've been here in two weeks.  I won't even hazard a guess at how many times they've been over at Psycho's house, because apparently he's gone on a crime spree this week.  

He came, he threatened us with a very realistic looking cap gun (seriously, why don't they paint those things a color that screams "I'm obviously not a real gun!"??), he tried to kick in our door, he broke into our neighbor's car, he took the police on a multi-block 20 minute chase.  But today, they finally arrested his ass.  I'm sure more updates will be forthcoming.  I have a feeling that I'll be doing this dance a couple more times before it's over. 

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