WARNING: If taken in large doses, nightshade can be deadly.

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's that time again....

Today is the last day of school for my boys.  Summertime is officially upon me. 

I'm looking forward to the break in routine, the flexibility of schedule, and the family trips that we always take during the summer, getting to spend some time with my kids that doesn't involve school work or preparation for the next school day, swimming, camping, and most of all; my week and a half to myself that I will be getting in July.

I'm not looking forward to the increase in grocery bills, the fact that the kids get up two hours earlier when they don't have school (even though I have to drag them out of their beds kicking and screaming at 8 o'clock when they do), and the increase in tension and throw-down brawls we have when all four of us are in close quarters for a longer period of time then, say.........10 minutes. 

Also, this is shaping up to be a ridiculously hot summer.  So.  If you happen to drive by my house, and I'm in my swimsuit laid out in my kids' blow-up pool....................don't judge me

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Saturday, my middle son and I were at each others throats.  We could barely stand to be in the same room together for some reason.  So after about our fourth or fifth go-round, I was at my wit's end and my husband decided that he would step in and save my kid's life by sending me out for some "me time". 

So I went to the movies. 

I originally wanted to see Bridesmaids, but it was sold out for that time period....so I opted for X-Men: First Class.

**This review is made by a person who has NOT read any of the comics, and is going completely off the movies.**

It was GOOD.  Officially my favorite out of the series.  Kevin Bacon starred as the bad guy, and he does evil, cold, and hell-bent on taking over the world really well.  James McAvoy really nails it as a young, brilliant, and incredibly naive Charles Xavier.  And Michael Fassbender also brings the rage and pain of a young Erik still reeling from the terrible things done to him and his family in Nazi Germany.  

It explains so many things from the series; Erik and Charles' friend/enemy relationship and how it all got started, exactly what turned Erik into such a hardass to begin with, how Charles ended up in the wheelchair.  There were also many surprising relationships that I wouldn't have guessed at based on the other movies. 

There's obviously some continuity problems that might irk others.  I've noted a few just watching the Wolverine Origins movie since Saturday, but I don't think they are going to bother me in the long run. 

It helps that this guy was REALLY hot as pissed off, intense Erik.

I think this movie is worth the price of at least a matinee ticket.  For no other reason than the scene where Magneto pulls the submarine out of the water should be viewed on the big screen at least once. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

So cool

Someone Googled "massive outbreak of stupidity" and it led them to my blog.  That is awesome!  LOL

Someone else Googled "www.brucewillis ass photo.com" and got my blog......I bet they were supremely disappointed.  Sorry weird person who was looking for a picture of Bruce Willis' ass. 

But seriously......why?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

There's a good chance that my friends are trying to see if I'll turn green and explode out of my clothes like the Hulk....

Nigerian baby factory raided: 32 teenage girls freed

These girls were being held and forced to produce babies so that the "proprietor" could sell them trafficking agencies, illegal adoption agencies, and to people for.....get this.....black magic rituals. 


I don't even have the words for this, folks.