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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Saturday, my middle son and I were at each others throats.  We could barely stand to be in the same room together for some reason.  So after about our fourth or fifth go-round, I was at my wit's end and my husband decided that he would step in and save my kid's life by sending me out for some "me time". 

So I went to the movies. 

I originally wanted to see Bridesmaids, but it was sold out for that time period....so I opted for X-Men: First Class.

**This review is made by a person who has NOT read any of the comics, and is going completely off the movies.**

It was GOOD.  Officially my favorite out of the series.  Kevin Bacon starred as the bad guy, and he does evil, cold, and hell-bent on taking over the world really well.  James McAvoy really nails it as a young, brilliant, and incredibly naive Charles Xavier.  And Michael Fassbender also brings the rage and pain of a young Erik still reeling from the terrible things done to him and his family in Nazi Germany.  

It explains so many things from the series; Erik and Charles' friend/enemy relationship and how it all got started, exactly what turned Erik into such a hardass to begin with, how Charles ended up in the wheelchair.  There were also many surprising relationships that I wouldn't have guessed at based on the other movies. 

There's obviously some continuity problems that might irk others.  I've noted a few just watching the Wolverine Origins movie since Saturday, but I don't think they are going to bother me in the long run. 

It helps that this guy was REALLY hot as pissed off, intense Erik.

I think this movie is worth the price of at least a matinee ticket.  For no other reason than the scene where Magneto pulls the submarine out of the water should be viewed on the big screen at least once. 

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