WARNING: If taken in large doses, nightshade can be deadly.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

T-Minus 9 Days

Remember my previous blogs about the road trip I was dragging my two best friends on? 

That was a nice dream. 

But all is not lost.  I still had the money and determination to get at least myself across the country and so I pulled together a new plan and my husband and myself are leaving in 9 days for 2 fun-filled weeks on the Northwestern coast.  (A shout-out of thanks to my mom for holding down the fort for me while I'm gone.  I'm leaving you alone with three kids, five dogs, your husband and my grandma.....I'll totally spring for the tranquilizers and Valium, plus a case of whatever wine you are preferring these days)

I'll be taking tons of pictures and have lots to blog.  It will be called either "Nightshade and T-Rex's 2nd honeymoon" series or "The demise of my 11 year marriage" series.  I'll only know after it's done. 

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