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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm here for your movie watching needs....

I love the theaters on base.  Mainly because they are CHEAP.  Like, I can get my whole 5-member family in for just a dollar or two more than I pay for one ticket at regular theaters.  So I keep an eye on what’s playing and when something that we’ve been really wanting to see comes through, we pack up the kiddos and pay our $13 and enjoy.  

Today, the movie featured was TRON: Legacy.

Now, I LOVE Jeff Bridges.  Besides being a very talented actor, he is also a really amazing photographer.  And it’s hard not to smile at the laid back, “surfer dude” sort of way he carries himself.  BUT.  CGIed Jeff Bridges is creepy.  He just looks so wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong. 
Right Jeff

Wrong Jeff

For half the movie, I sat there staring at Wrong Jeff trying to figure out just what made him so fucking creepy.  His face looked normal when he wasn’t moving or talking.  But when he did move or talk, there was just an “off-ness” to him. 

 And then I realized…..yes, his face is technically moving, but there’s not enough muscle-movement to coincide with the action.  His mouth moves, but his face muscles do not.  And it makes for one creepy looking face! 


Once that was figured out, I was fully capable of enjoying the movie.  And it was a good movie.  Going to see it in 3D would have been amazing.  The actors (and actress) in it were really really good……but Michael Sheen should get mad props for absolutely stealing the few scenes he was in.  He was hilarious. 

He's come a long way since "Aro" from New Moon....

So.  Go see TRON: Legacy.  You can fully enjoy it now from start to finish because I worked out the “Why is Wrong Jeff Bridges so fucking creepy??” problem.  You’re welcome. 

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