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Monday, January 31, 2011

Potty training sucks....but at least he's not lonely.

My youngest son fell in love with his diaper at the ripe old age of "just fucking born"....and they have been a monogamous couple ever since.  He does not go without a diaper longer than it takes to get a bath.  And until recently, he also HAD to be fully dressed at all times.  I say until just recently because he has started taking off his shirt like his two older brothers at night when they are wrestling.

So.  He's been completely covered up since birth, got it?
Well today, I started forcing the potty training issue.  I took his diaper off at 8am and told him he could have them back at nap time and then again at bedtime.
Seriously.  Day One of potty training has been an epic fail.  He's peed three times....none of those times were in a potty.

I need a drink.

But he hasn't asked for a diaper since his hour long meltdown over losing them this morning.  Wanna know why?  He has a new friend.  And he really likes this new friend.  They've played Wii together, talked and gotten to know each other.  He even brought him over and introduced him to me while I was reading.  I'm just waiting for him to name it.  Wanna guess who his new friend is??

I'm just hoping his new friend is enough of a rebound to get him over his obsession with his diaper.  We can hope, right??

Sorry, no clever picture tonight....given the subject matter, I couldn't find one that would be appropriate.  Give me a break, I've had a rough day.

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