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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things to think about at 2am....

So a little bit ago, I stumbled across this:

A map of the average penis sizes across the world.

And I noticed a trend that the larger penises were around the warmer climates, and it made me wonder; is it possible that, ancestrally, penises were kinda like goldfish?  In that they grew according to the space available?

Look at the map.  All the notoriously warmer climates like Central and South America and Africa are all varying shades of green while things get noticeably pinker the further north you go.  So was the northerners need for warmer, more confining breeches similar to raising a goldfish into a little glass bowl?  Whereas, the southerners, running around in what was basically a crotch curtain, have the aquatic equivalent of a goldfish raised in a pond? 


**This is not a scientific interpretation of this study.  Obviously.  I completely eliminated India and China from the information because I couldn't figure out what their problem was.  Initially, I started to backtrack and say that maybe the greener countries were more sexually, um, free? (Hence the smattering of green up there in Europe)  But then I remembered:  India invented tantric sex.  And have you seen some of the crazy shit that comes out of Japan??!**

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