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Sunday, June 30, 2013

This is so awesome!!

So, I write.  Quite a bit.  I have quite a few stories going right now as I seem to have some sort of writer-specific ADD.  Some are on the longish side, some barely count as short stories.  Some are funny-ish; one is developing into a pretty decent fantasy novel; and a couple are:

I am not ashamed of my talent for erotica.   

But regardless of what I happen to be inspired to work on at the moment, I HATE having something I'm working on read before I'm ready.  Combine that with a family who cannot grasp the concept of privacy in any way, fashion, or form and I'm constantly looking for ways to shield my projects so that prying eyes don't see them and immediately think, "She doesn't want me to read that.......I must read it now!"

So.  Prior to my old laptop dying a hero's death, I simply placed them in a password protected folder/file and went on about my business.  It wasn't perfect.  I inevitably got questioned about what exactly I was hiding that I would need to password protect files on my computer with a password that I hadn't shared with everyone who uses my laptop.  But after I reminded the inquisitive little shits that I don't actually have a life outside of my imagination, everyone would go on their merry little way.  (Or wait until I turned my back and try desperately to break my password)

Now I have fucking Windows 8.  I do not like it.  At all.  I might get there one day, but right now it's the bane of my existence.  And to add insult to injury, you cannot password protect your files and folders in Windows 8.  (Yes, I even googled it) 

So I did a bit more googling and found a geek site that showed me how to do a neat little trick that not only allows me to password protect my Projects folder.......it then makes that bitch disappear entirely!  Fucking A!  No more questions, no more undeserved suspicion, and no more bruised egos because I won't let them read my stuff! 

This shit is the bomb!! 

I can now write a little easier knowing that my horrible unedited works aren't being scrutinized before they've reached appropriate levels of readiness.  And my family can live in blissful ignorance that I have a continued hobby that I don't immediately share with them on demand. 

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