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Sunday, December 11, 2016

This will not be over quickly and you will not enjoy this.

I, like the majority of individuals in this country, watched with astonished disgust as Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential race in the wee hours of the morning on November 9.  I've attempted to put my thoughts down multiple times since then, but I didn't because I was too disappointed and infuriated in not only my fellow American's, but many of my own family and friends who gleefully and ignorantly put this piece of shit into office because they erroneously believe that other people achieving equality somehow diminishes their own and that by throwing others under the bus, they won't get hit by it. I didn't because I knew I couldn't rein in my anger enough to be fair and calm.  I still can't.  But fuck it.  I need to say it, and this is far more responsible than hurling expletives and duking it out over the Thanksgiving table.  Although, probably not as quite as cathartic for me. 

While I try to focus on the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans DID NOT vote for this racist, misogynist con artist.....an unfortunate amount still did.   And thanks to our electoral college system, the person the majority of Americans wanted will not get the job.  Our nation is once again being held hostage by the conservative minority.  And while they were screaming their heads off about how horrible and undemocratic the electoral college was when they delusionally believed that they were the "silent majority", they are ever so grateful for it now.

To everyone that honestly believes that Donald Trump won the popular vote because 3 million of Hillary Clinton's votes were from illegal immigrants.....you are too stupid to be helped.  I'm truly sorry for your affliction. 

And to all the asshats who say that they took Obama's election gracefully and didn't protest or cry about it and Clinton supporters should too.  Fuck you in your amnesiatic ear.  No you did not gracefully accept Obama's election (who, by the fucking way, was elected with both a majority in the electoral college AND the popular vote...so piss off with your false equivalence).   And what's more, you had absolutely nothing to rationally fear from Obama's presidency.  Donald Trump and his basket of deplorables are a genuine threat to many citizens in our country.  There were over 400+ hate related instances of assault in the first week after Trump was elected because all the misogynist, racist pieces of shit who felt emboldened by their new white-nationalist loving president-elect came out of the woodwork.  But I'm sure possibility of being fired because you just couldn't refrain from calling someone in the first family the n-word on Facebook is super scary and should be taken with equal consideration.  *insert eye roll here*

Ironically, most of of those close-minded people who let their identity politics (yeah, I said identity politics....."white working class" is an identity that they are clinging desperately to just as surely as the liberal groups they are trying to screw over.  Even though the working class had NEVER been just white, labeling yourselves "white" working class means your issues and concerns warrant more understanding and action than those "lazy entitled brown people" who, when they are complaining about the lack of well-paying jobs and benefits, are considered to be looking for a handout. More on that in a later post.) cloud their judgement are about to get screwed in ways that they have never dreamed.  Trump is not going to bring back manufacturing jobs.  He can't.  And it was never his goal.  He just told you that so you'd elect him and he could spend the next four years to eight years (his base is a little slow, so it might take both terms for them to catch on to his con) making as much money as possible for he and his corporate friends.  But hey!  White people can feel more empowered again!  That's something to hold onto while he dismantles our education system, our environmental protections, our foreign relationships with anyone not Russia-approved.  We'll just cross our fingers that someone doesn't hurt his fragile ego enough for him to start a nuclear war.

So yes.  I'm angry.  I'm angry that our country is being control by a megalomaniac dead set on destroying my children's futures.  I'm angry that people so blinded by their own racism and misogyny chose to screw themselves and everyone else for the satisfying sensation of having your white privilege reinforced. 

Final note:  If you are one of the short-sighted ignoramuses that voted for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, you share a portion of the blame for whatever happens to this country because you weren't willing to do your part to keep a facist piece of shit out of office. Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person to ever run for President and you allowed the media's inherent misogyny to fool you with narratives of false equivalence in the candidates' behavior, character, and qualifications.  Shame on you. 

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