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Saturday, July 16, 2011



This movie was absolutely hilarious.  I had had a few misgivings about it....mainly because it seemed to really promote the gross physical comedy (think: vomiting, acting obnoxious, and Jim Carrey-esque type stuff) over everything else in order to bring in the guys and compete as "The Hangover for Chicks".....and there were a couple of those scenes in the movie.....and they were hilarious.  The scene for the dress fitting was horrifically funny. 

I cannot stress how funny Kristen Wiig is.  And she flows from hilarious to completely serious so seamlessly.  Her stints on Saturday Night Live were very hit and miss, but her movie roles have been great. 

The weakest link in the cast, IMO, was Rose Byrne.  Generally, I enjoy Byrne's performances.  She's is a very good dramatic actor.  But comedy seems a little forced on her.  She also had a small comedic role in Get Him to the Greek that I watched recently, and both that role and her role in Bridesmaids seemed very wooden to me.  Luckily, the stuff she was given in Bridesmaids was good enough that it didn't need her to be especially good to pull it off. 

*Newer Actor To Watch*
He's funny.....and Irish!!

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