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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm going to volunteer myself to be cloned

I think having more than one of me around would be very very helpful....but only if we could somehow mystically share one brain.
Like, Clone One - Go finish the laundry.  Clone Two - Finish reading this book.  Clone Three - Go pick up the boys from school.  Clone Four - Make sure that The Tyrant stays in bed and takes his nap.  Original Me - Go to the movies. 

Then we'd all break off to do our assignments and when we come back together all the thoughts, information, and memories each of us produced while on our assignments would meld together into one collective consciousness that we all share. 

It be awesome. 

But I figure I'll either become a complete recluse, happy in my own company, or I'll hate all myselfs after two weeks. 

Is it against the law to kill your own clone?  

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