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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fast Five

Alright, so I'm home from my Spring Break vacation.  We went to my dad's and then down to my hometown.  We had a ton of fun.  I was reminded of why I miss it (great get-togethers with my friends and family) and why I will never move back (the heat, the heat, mosquitoes, the heat, a couple random people that I would be perfectly happy if they went cliff driving during low tide.......did I mention the heat?).  So now I'm working overtime on my master plan to kidnap as many of my near and dear ones and force them to relocate closer to me.  


For our trip home, I scored two house guests.  My granny and her dog.  She's come up to spend some time with me and the boys and to tour Washington DC as much as possible.  So, with her help, me and the hubs got to go out on a date last night.  YAY!! 


And because my husband and I are predictable like that....we went to dinner and a movie.  

Dinner was delicious.  Somehow, in my entire life of living near good seafood and loving shrimp, I completely missed out on grilled shrimp.  How did that happen?  I'm so upset that I've missed out on so many years of eating my new favorite food.  

After educating my palate, we hurried back to the late showing of Fast Five.  

Vin Diesel......*drool*
The Rock....with a goatee.......*drool*
Vin Diesel's voice............*double drool*

The movie was great.  It wasn't as much of a racing movie as the first (and third) installments; but it was much more about the characters and developing their story.  I didn't leave with an overwhelming need to street-race on the way home, but I definitely left glad that we choose to watch that movie.

Plus it had The Rock, bulked up bigger than I've seen him in a very long time, with a goatee.  

And Vin Diesel.

All that comes together to equal fun for the boys AND that girls.  Yay!

HELPFUL HINT:  When you go watch the movie, stay until after the credits are over.  They left a little clip for you at the end.

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