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Monday, April 4, 2011

Kid shows I absolutely loathe....

So, I'm sitting here with my three year old watching Caillou....which is one of the more moderately annoying cartoons on television.  While I prefer Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, or Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch, I will take unrealistically happy parents parenting an amazingly whiny kid over these shows any day of the week. 


This show is not just annoying....it's down-right STUPID.  I banned my boys from watching it after seeing an episode where Chowder, his best friend, and his mentor are accidentally locked in a tower...where they proceed to drown themselves in their own pee.  WTF?

Those are the eyes of a man who has hit rock bottom.

Really, who comes up with this ridiculous crap?  Every single character on this show is mind-numbingly annoying.  Every. Single. One.
None of them.  Thank god.  Because I would shoot myself.
 And I saved this for last, because it's not a show, it's a movie.  If by movie you mean horrible, screeching teenager (pre-teenager?) who records his crapfest on film to torture the rest of the world with. 

My kids and husband love it.  It makes me want to gauge my eardrums out with an ice pick.
*Sigh* I long for the days of He-Man and She-Ra. 

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