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Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Road Trip: Day Nine

On Day Nine, we leave Oregon and proceed with what I'm calling "The Twilight Tour" of Washington.  We will be going up the Western coast on Hwy 101, and see a lot of places that are mentioned in the Twilight series...like the La Push.

One of the La Push beaches with James Island in the distance.  James Island was a burial site for the Quileute Chiefs.


I will be getting Twilight memorabilia....after which I will be mercilessly mocked by Krystle.

And Port Angeles.

Honestly, Port Angeles is going to be more of a 'roll through'.  
I would like to add that I have wanted to take this route through Washington since my very first visit to the state on the way to our new house in Alaska...which was almost eight years ago...long before I had even heard of the Twilight series, much less read and loved it.  And we will not just be hitting up these specific stops, but doing an over all tour of the entire area.

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