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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Case 39 and The Other Guys

So Ian McShane made me watch a scary movie called Case 39.  Well, he didn't "make" me, per se, but he co-starred in the movie and thus my attention was required.  Turns out, the movie wasn't all that scary...but it was what my husband called, "a decent thriller" right before he started lamenting the lack of really scary horror.

Apparently, this rather grotesque fella was the apex of the horror genre, and it's been an ever-declining crapfest since. 

Either way.  I liked the movie.  And not just because it featured Ian McShane and Ian McShane's amazing voice.  It also had Bradley Cooper (who dies a truly horrific death, btw) and a really adorably creepy Jodelle Ferland

It's the eyes....the adorably creepy eyes.

Renee Zellweger plays the social worker turned foster mother who gets terrorized and tormented and, (although they don't show it) I'm sure, ultimately imprisoned.  (Because she really has a lot of explaining to do at the end of this movie).

 I'm glad I sucked up my chickenshittedness (haha!  New word of the day!) and watched it.  It was much better than the craptastic comedy "The Other Guys".

I am seriously disappointed in Mark Wahlberg.  What the fuck was he thinking???  I expect half (ok, most) of Will Ferrell's movies to suck...but when I saw that it had Mark Walhberg in it, I held a lot of hope that this would be one of the few good ones.  


The only good part about this movie was when Samuel L. Jackson's character told Will Ferrell's character that if he wanted to hear him talk, he would shove his arm up (Will Ferrell's) ass and work his mouth like a puppet.  I plan on working that awesomeness into a word fight as soon as I possibly can.  

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