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Friday, March 18, 2011

New Car

Very recently, my husband and children were in a pretty bad fender-bender in our van.  They were sitting still in DC rush-hour traffic, when this teenage guy in a tiny little Toyota truck slammed into them and pushed them into the person in front of them.  He said that he "didn't see them".

Even if he didn't specifically see my BIG ASS NISSAN MINIVAN...how did he miss the other 500,000 people in front of him?

I'm not sure, but I think he might have been clinically blind.

Luckily, my children and husband made it out unscathed.  My van, not so much.  The insurance called today and they are totaling the van.  Less than six months after we finished paying it off.  Blah. 

But, this means that I get to go car shopping!

Well.  Not really.  Because I've already done my research and I know what I want. 

I don't really like shopping anyway.

I am hoping to get a new Kia Sorento. 

I've already bought two bumper stickers for it.

I wasn't really wanting or planning on having another car payment right now.  But, if I just have to, at least I won't be drooling after smaller, sportier vehicles for a while. 

Except the Camaro.  I will still drool after the Camaro.

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