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Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's family meetin' time....

In November, my family found out that my meth-head sister-in-law was 6 1/2 months pregnant with their third child. She and my brother had been keeping it a secret for a myriad of reasons....they are out of work drug addicts who couldn't be bothered with taking care of the two children they already had......there was a good chance that my brother was not the father because she had been sleeping with their suppliers for their drugs....and mainly because my mother is a nurse and SIL hadn't had any prenatal care because she couldn't pass the drug tests she knew they'd run.

December came, and two days before Christmas, SIL's drug usage caught up to her in the form of an aburpted placenta (brought on by her meth use...she had already had a bad scare two weeks earlier and before she left the hospital and refused further treatment, the doctors told her that further use would cause EXACTLY WHAT IT CAUSED.).  She had to have an emergency C-section and the baby, who was only 7 months along in its gestation, was airlifted to Albany, Georgia to the NICU at Phoebe-Putney Memorial.  SIL almost bled to death, but was quickly stabilized and doing well.  The baby, not so much.

My brother and SIL's first acts as new parents was to refuse to allow anyone to go see the baby or to ask about the baby.  They threw a huge fit because they didn't think anyone was showing appropriate amounts of affection and worry for my SIL - who almost died! - because we were all too worried about if the three-months-premature baby, who was still strapped to a ventilator struggling for her life, was doing ok.

Parent of the Year Award:  You won't be getting it. 
Of course, SIL popped positive for drugs while she was at the hospital.  And lucky her, she was down visiting family when all this happened so her drug report went to Decatur County DFACS instead of the Upson County DFACS who would had been waiting on the report so that they could finally take the first two kids from SIL and Brother's custody.  As soon as SIL found out about the report, she checked herself out of the hospital AMA.

Decatur County called her in for a "stern talking to" regarding her drug use, and then warned them that they were required to send the report to their county of residence -which was Upson.  Knowing that Upson has been waiting for a solid reason to take the kids, my brother and SIL drove up in the middle of the night, packed up and moved Decatur County where SIL's family is in law enforcement and the court system and goes out of their way to protect them from trouble.

Once they got down there, they started putting out feelers for "help" and "support" and quickly realized that, with the exception of SIL's family (who won't help them monetarily much at all), their network of "help" and "support" was fed up with their bullshit.  Emails and phone calls were launched attacking those of us who weren't only fed up, but really fucking pissed that those poor children were being kept in danger by the very people that were supposed to protect them;  and begging those who still hope and pray that they will turn their lives around to not listen to us mean ones who think that the kids safety should come first - "and please help us and support us!"

Which leads us to today.  My mother IMed me, letting me know that Decatur County DFACS, after one and a half months of watching Brother and SIL (and not popping one drug test, surprise or otherwise), wants all of the family to come together for a meeting where they will discuss what we can all do to help and support Brother and SIL so that they can close out their file on them. 

WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?!???!

These fucktards have three, innocent, beautiful little kids who have had to fend for themselves and their siblings since birth.  My SIL has drugged them, abandoned them, starved them, and put them at constant physical risk while cooking meth, inviting random strangers into her house to get high with her children there, and left various drug paraphernalia laying around where they could get it.  They are never adequately dressed for the weather.  They don't get bathed.  My brother is marginally better when he is there, but he is equally to blame because he is equally responsible for them and could easily take them and raise them in a better environment.

Why doesn't anyone care enough about them to put them before their parents??


So, while I wasn't officially invited to this family get-together with DFACS.  I plan to be there.  I plan to offer my support by being willing to get their children to safety until such time as they can finally get themselves together and provide a healthy safe environment for them.  That's as much support and help as they will be getting from me.

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