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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What the hell?!

A few weeks ago, I asked my oldest son to pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from his school library because I really want to read it....but not enough to go buy it.  After getting smacked in the back of the head because he made some smart ass comment about me not being able to read a book that size, he agreed. 

Fast forward to Friday, his library day at school, and he tells me the incredibly ridiculous news.  Harry Potter books are banned from his school library.

What. The. Fuck??

I'm sending my children to one of "those" schools.  Where the idiots have taken over the village.  Banning Harry Potter?!  Jeezus, where's a secular, liberal homeschooling kit when you need one.

The first thing out of my son's mouth was, "Why would they ban Harry Potter?" And instantly I was taken back to one of our family trips home a few years ago.  We were riding down the country highways that connect my father's house in Bumfuck, Central Alabama, to my mother's house in Bumfuck, Central Georgia, and passing more church buildings than actual houses.  My husband and I were laughing and shaking our heads in mild disgust because on several of the church marquees were warnings about the evils of Harry Potter.

On that same trip, we had been handed pamphlets about how Harry Potter was secretly teaching our children about witchcraft.....J.K. Rowling had used actual magical language (It's Latin people...granted, it's not the Southern drawl you usually hear in that particular region, but that doesn't make it of the "debil").....reading these books, or watching the movies, was allowing the Devil into your home where he would gain ultimately gain control over your family!!! 

Instead of unleashing my fury at the alarmingly large amount of dumbasses who want to spread their dumbass-ness to the rest of the world, I simply told my son that some people think Harry Potter is bad because he's a wizard.

My son, being....my son, rolled his eyes and said, "That's stupid.  Don't these people know Harry Potter is just pretend?"

I laughed and told him no...that some people didn't seem to realize that fact, and he rolled his eyes again and said, "That's so dumb."

It's nice to know that my 8 year old is already so much smarter than so many others, despite the obviously sub-par educational system he is having to deal with.

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