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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

M&M's were the key the whole time....who knew?!

So.  We are one week and two days into Operation Potty Train, and don't look now, but I think we're actually making headway!  Holla!

My middle son had a "100 Days of School" project due this week where we had to send in ten groups of ten of something small.  So this weekend, we went out and got a HUGE bag of M&M's (because I drastically overestimated what 100 M&Ms would look like) and his dad taught him how to aim at marshmellows in the toilet (because that's a talent I just don't have) and - wha lah! - instant potty training success!

I didn't even know The Tyrant liked M&Ms.

He hasn't had a pee accident in days.  He's even wearing big boy underwear now!!

 Poo, on the other hand....

We had our first and, so far only, poo accident last night.  I noticed him hunched over something he was hiding in his hand, slinking towards the bathroom, and I asked him what he had.  He looked at me all seriously with this hilarious disgusted look on his face and said, "Don't looks Momma, it's so gross, just don't look." 

Aww.  Thanks for thinking of me, Little Man.  Neither of your older brothers ever did.

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