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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three things I learned from listening to Taylor Swift's new CD

I recently bought Taylor Swift's new CD off iTunes and have had it on "repeat" for a few days.  Here's what I've learned:

- Lesson 1 - 

I SHOULD NEVER DATE A SONGWRITER.  I tend to be a private person.  I don't want mine and my significant other's intimate moments broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people...or even ten or twenty people.  And if I break up with said significant other, I damn sure don't want all the ways I fucked up being broadcast either.  Two of the three guys have moved on to other girls - as people their age often do - and they probably want to just put all the shoulda, woulda, couldas of previous relationships behind them. 

- Lesson 2 -

IT WOULD BE SUPER FUCKING COOL TO BE A SONGWRITER.  Seriously.  It must be one of the most cathartic experiences in the world to write an emotional song like these, hear it played a million times in a million places, and even get to meet other people that have felt the exact same way and connect with that song on such a level.  It would be amazing.

- Lesson 3 -

NEVER DATE JOHN MAYER....OR OTHER DICKHEADS LIKE HIM.  I didn't feel the slightest bit sorry for was John Mayer (Or Kanye, but his song was nice and forgiving IMO).  He's got a reputation for severely fucking with the chicks that he dates, regardless of their age.  And having met way too many of those angsty, "complicated" guys whose answer to every argument is "You just wouldn't understand!!", "I've got a lot on my mind!", or some variant of those two answers, I can say with authority....after about the third meltdown where these excuses are used to blow-off or belittle your feelings, you want to stab a motherfucker in the eye.  Taylor Swift saying what several of his other girlfriends have danced around in the press just earned her cool points in my book.

To save your eyesight, I'll paraphrase:  "I'm a moderately talented musician with the emotional maturity level of a pre-pubescent male baboon." x10

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