WARNING: If taken in large doses, nightshade can be deadly.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have been slightly neglectful of this blog for the past two days.  I'd apologize, but it'd be a lie.  Because the reason that I've been MIA is because I became slightly obsessed with this fanfic novel that I've been reading online called "Wide Awake" (by AngstGoddess).  It was really, REALLY good.  I'm serious.  Hands down, The. Best. fanfic I have ever read.

It's technically a fanfic based off the characters of Twilight.  I very rarely like fanfic (to be completely honest, I only like the smutty short stories about my favorite fiction couples.  Don't judge.  A girl's gotta have her literary porn).  But the names and couplings are the ONLY things that this story has in common with the original.  It is dark.  And sad.  Of course there's a happy ending, but I literally cried my way through 1/2 the story.

This.  Except Bella's covered in knife wounds and Edward is covered in burn scars.  And no one is a vampireAnd there's no obnoxious Jacob. Which is really the best thing about this book.

After all that angst and darkness, I'm ready to move on to somewhat lighter fare.


I don't have a dog in this hunt, but I'll be lovingly providing my hubs and sons with spinach dip and drinks while my hubs cheers for the Steelers and my oldest son cheers for the offense.

But really, I'm just watching to see this dude.  He's hot.  And I really want to play with his hair.
Oh, and as an update:  I'm pretty sure we're gonna be rolling into Mardi Gras with a 3.5 year old still in fucking diapers.  The kid is stubborn.  I don't know where he gets it.


  1. This is super duper late, but I'm back-reading to look at pictures that don't load on my phone... Why was the hubs and the eldest rooting for opposing teams?? Just to be opposing??

  2. Brandon went in rooting for the Steelers, but Billy just wanted to be contrary. LOL